Knowledge is the key to success, which is why we invest in education above all.

People first

The quality of our services is the quality of relations with our employees.


We pay special attention to the security of your documents.

About us

We are a company with Polish roots, although from the beginning of our activity we focused on clients operating internationally. This nature of our activity allowed us to learn from many different cultures. We value American pursuit of a goal, Scandinavian care for the environment and Swiss precision. We try to make our employees work efficiently, but we also appreciate the Italian style of working in a relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to the Swedish approach to work focused on results instead of length of working time, we regularly find new solutions with our employees, striving to create the most harmonious work space.

If you don't count you don't grow.


Advanced accounting

We are ready to help you with:
- company's accounting policy
- income statements and balance sheet
- tax declarations
- mandatory accounting and finance reports
- maintaining registers of VAT settlement
- advanced tax payments

HR & Payroll

We are ready to help you with:
- termination agreements and contracts for employees
- employees’ register
- controlling social security contributions (ZUS)
- preparing employment certificates and other documents
- supervising holiday leaves, sick leaves, maternity leaves and working hours
- supervising the expiration dates of medical check-ups and safety and health trainings
- corresponding with ZUS
- personal income tax statements
- payrolls and social security payments

Simplified bookkeeping

We are ready to help you with:
- maintaining equipment registry
- supervising Revenue and Expense Ledger
- maintaining intangible assets registry
- maintaining fixed assets registry
- social security registrations and settlements.


We are ready to help you with:
- choosing form of taxation
- necessary documentation related to the tax settlements
- preparing obligatory tax documents

International outsourcing

We are ready to help you with:
- preparation of custom-made tax and financial reports
- management of documentation for reporting purposes (eg. in Xero, Visma, QuickBooks, or any other)
- data input for all types of online accounting software
- performing of simple tasks on behalf of the our Customers
- accounting services assistance for our Customer's Clients
- outsourcing of customized business processes

Our Value

Harmony between our Employees
Happy of our Customers
Integrity of our Organization
Success is
a Discipline
of Focusing on the most Important Activities


All prices are set individually. Please feel free to write us and we will do our best to offer you the best possible rate.

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